Dr. Ronald C Denney BSc, Hon DSc, PhD, CSci, CChem, FRSC has been a consultant for more than thirty years and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, a Fellow of the Forensic Science Society, a member of the International Council on Alcohol, Drugs and Traffic Safety, and a member of the International Association of Forensic Toxicologists.

He has worked in areas of drug synthesis, analysis, pharmacokinetics and DNA interpretation, and has also provided a consultancy service in shipped and transported goods.  He is frequently called to give expert evidence in court cases and is supported by an administrative team, enabling him to provide a rapid and efficient forensic service.

Important Data
Appearances as Expert Witness in Court: more than 500.
Forensic Reports Prepared: more than 3500.
Legal Aid work undertaken.
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Dr. Denney has an extensive scientific background which has involved working in the chemical industry as well as a university lecturer and research worker in addition to his many years providing a consultancy service.  As a result he has travelled widely and is familiar with having to meet very short deadlines in legal and insurance cases.  Preliminary technical advice will be provided on request and inspection and testing of samples, chemicals, cargoes and goods carried out if required.

Until March 1995 he was Principal Lecturer and Reader in Organo-Analytical Chemistry at the University of Greenwich and now runs his own business as a Forensic Scientist and Industrial Consultant, and is visiting Dr. in Forensic Science at Kingston University.  He specialises in the areas of alcohol, drugs, dangerous chemicals and DNA interpretation and is considered to be one of the country's leading authorities on the subject of drinking and driving.

He is frequently called to give evidence as an expert witness in murder, assault, rape and burglary cases involving the abuse of alcohol or drugs and has also been involved in several major trials concerning the synthesis of illegal drugs.

Dr Denney has written numerous technical books, including four on alcohol, drugs and accidents, as well as papers and articles on alcohol, drugs and the law.


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