The following charges, which are negotiable for privately funded clients, will be applied as standard for normal cases involving consideration of data, preparation of reports and court attendance.  Special rates may apply where work includes additional instrumental tests, the carrying out of chemical analyses, attendance at police stations, or dealing with matters relating to drugs or dangerous chemicals.  We will be happy to discuss anticipated costs on request, or appropriate fees for prolonged duration studies or overseas travel. Where legal aid has been granted the standard LAA figures will be applied.


For studying documents supplied, carrying out any necessary calculations and preparation of report, depending upon total work involved, minimum charge:


For subsequent preparation of Section 9 Statements, minimum charge:


For pre-court preparation, travelling to and attendance at court:

90.00 per hour or 540.00 per whole day

Travelling time for day prior to hearing (where required), or for site visitation:

45.00 per hour

Plus all expenses for hotels, mileage (at 0.45 per mile), fares, meals, parking


VAT is not charged.

These rates are within the Lord Chancellor's recommended figures for Expert Witnesses.